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Content writing service is very important to your company’s website/blog. Through S.E.O content, your company can reach thousands of your potential clients. At Academic Assignments Help, we assist students and business owners to get high-quality content that leaves them elated. Students get very high grades while the business owners get high traffic to their companies. Isn’t that great?

Having that killer site is a dream come true for any prospective entrepreneur. The website might be dynamic, but if it lacks quality content, your business is sunk! Unfortunately, coming up with prolific content isn’t just a walk in the park for everyone. Along with it, there are grammatical regulations that must be adhered to, for the content to be free from typographical errors. Therefore, Academic Assignments Help site gets you covered on all your content writing services.

Forms of Content Writing Services

Article writing is perhaps the highway that provides content for business products. By just a click, you are able to find that wedding dress that will add a little tipple of vigor. Still, through the web, you can shop that pleasant recipe. Point is? Article writing is all about enlightening web surfers on the subject or a product. It can also serve as a marketing tool, but the altruist reason is to disseminate valuable information. Here at,we’ll do just that.

The business fraternity is quite huge. It is expanding at a tremendous rate. Here at Academic Assignments Help, it is our goal to expose your business in a credible way. Are you looking to inform and persuade your readers? Or even argue a point? We will help you access that dream with our seasoned prolific writers. Besides, our pure dedications to quality content will increase leads to your online business. The question is; how do we do it? Great! We offer writing services to the following areas:

  1. Blogs

Of course, you know what a blog is. It is diary in a chronological style. Content that offers cogent information over a subject or a business product. It is also a powerful marketing tool for your business. Blogs should have clear-cut keywords to enable prospective consumers to have a pin-point search for your services and products.Critics and researchers recently put it down that; 80% of customers are acquired through blogging. However, blogging should be done consistently because search engines are enamored for freshly new content for indexing.

Therefore, our adept sounding bloggers will help you boost your blog posts to search engine optimization. Through our exceptional skills, you’ll be able to connect your brand to consumers. Additionally, we’ll help you have a strong relationship with consumers while still offering a platform for sharing.

Our charges are relatively cheap and after our experience with you, you’ll be left asking us to charge you more. We charge 0.05 0.08 dollars per word. Isn’t that hands off, right?

  • Websites

Ponder this, your clients know your business, they also know what services you offer, but you are out of reach? That way, you lose out on great business opportunities, for not having a website. What’s obvious? Consumers driving around aimlessly searching for your store, or they would rather sit on their comfort couch surfing your website. An obvious answer there.

Still, you got the business skills; you talk well and listen to your customers attentively. Sadly, your website isn’t compelling. Be lest assured that it will soon be crumbling on its head. Don’t be put off, though, as we’ll provide you with web content that will be an extension of your business card. Artful Web content that will be a cut over the rest. Paired with our native English writers, allow us to help you grow your business honing your prospective customers with an effective website.

  • Research Papers

Perhaps your teacher requires you to analyze and argue a particular point. You’ll need to develop a research paper. It takes different forms. From a term paper, a master’s thesis, or even the most prestigious doctoral dissertation. When asked to write, anxiety attacks you. You become hesitant. What to write, you are worried about your skeptical knowledge, you ask whether you really have the time. You get hit by a writer’s block, but eventually, you write. Your paper is rejected because of so many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

Do not feel wasted and limited, but allow us to steal the show. Our seven years of research paper writing will definitely help you yield results acquiescence to your needs. Plagiarism free research papers paired with timely delivery is our calling. Our charges will leave you gasping for more air, it ranges from 12 -30 dollars per page depending on the level of education!

  • Projects

For the first time, you are required to perform a detailed research on a certain manuscript. Still, you’ll have to come up with a captivating title, an introduction and an abstract. So, there you are,fascinated and dumbfounded. Why? It’s perhaps that the only coherent writings you have ever done was a childish poem;‘the sun through the roof.’ You were indeed a child.

At this point, you are in dire need of our services, we’ll come in handy. In this field, we have highly trained professionals. We take it to our obligation that, though some specifics will necessarily need to change in relation to your type of project, we’ll still match your expectations.

  • Curriculum Vitae

It is said, confidence earns you more dates than being pleasantly attractive. Armed with a good C.V, you automatically gain the correct mindset. At Academic Assignments Help, we ensure you get that positive vibe. Year after year, after flexing our clients’ employability strengths, they come back to attest our professionalism. Through their testimonials, you’ll realize that it’s a real revelation!

Our prices vary depending on the length of the C.V, educational levels, and work experience. Test us out; see how we will reduce your legwork in job seeking.

  • Proposals

At Academic Assignments Help, we craft a winning proposal in simple words, which is an important fact while writing proposals. Simple wording, yet we do not forfeit your business’s image. You might insist on industry jargon, but we’ll do it without obstructing your reader. Content will still flow.

Our clients hail from nations where English is their native language. So, they are quite prolific in writing, so you would think. Just a misplaced thought. Writing proposals is quite a diverse ball game and they surely concur with that. That’s the reason behind us having so many of them in our clients’ list. Check out our testimonials and find out how elated they are.

  • Recipe

Writing a recipe is as easy as skating with the dough. In fact, it’s super easy for any amateur cook. When it comes to drafting professional recipes, it’s an entirely different affair. There are rules that must be followed. We have a set of our own unique rules, but loose ones. Loose because we flex them to match your expectations.

Basically, our recipes are split into two; the ingredients and the preparation. Such a measure helps our writing of recipes stand out. Through our unrivaled professionalism, we occasionally adapt your proposed draft recipe and coil it to fit your desired one. At this point, credit is of course due. For us pros, we test and retest recipes to ensure they taste great and meet your intentions. Our prices are relatively cheap depending on the size of the portions and the length of the recipe.

  • Business Plans

A business plan is the road map to a successive business venture. It is essential to have a cohesive analysis of how you’ll handle marketing, sales, marketing and much more. Such an analysis helps you remain focused on moves that are essential in realizing both short and long-term goals. Also, a business plan spells out objectives towards potential investors, while still serving as a company C.V, so to speak.

Therefore, at Academic Assignment Help, we have designed a no-nonsense style of writing business plans. We do not try to showcase our prowess in writing, no! That one you know, and apparently, it’s the reason you are reading this article. Our prime intention is to help you capture the attention of prospective investors and identify what overwhelms them. That way, you increase the conversion rate.

We write superb business plans that allow you to project future business problems. Such issues include fines and penalties. We offer remedies by conducting a fast forward detailed research. Therefore, you should not hesitate to hire our services.

  • Academic Projects

Writing academic projects is an undertaking that must be on point. The genre is different from just writing another article about your thoughts and your words. The work on academic projects is terrific and must be worthwhile to a reader’s time. Point is? You must research and research before you start writing.

Research consumes a lot of time, time that you probably do not have. We have all the time to do a thorough research that will cause people not just stumble on your project, but remain grilled and stuck.

For instance, we did a project for a client recently. Just think, how could a controversial project like, ’legalizing prostitution in Asia’ win an award. We argued that it is a solution for joblessness in Asia. It had to be a well-researched uphill task, by all means, including back up data. Well, at Academic Assignments Help, we do just that.

  1.   Transcription and Editing Services

Imagine this, typing a recorded interview, or even a serenading song, each and every word. Sounds hectic, right? That’s what happens in the transcription world. It takes time, more than you would expect. More especially if you do not have a knack for the keyboard. Still, it’s gristly difficult if you do not have specific transcription tools. Luckily, we have all the tools, skills and the much required one, the speed.

Our dedicated broad spectrum of staff is able to transcribe in a timely and effective manner. Regardless of the background noise, non-native English speakers or just people mumbling, we are up to the task. So, if you have interviews, radio programs or a lecture to transcribe, it’s worthwhile to contact professional and seasoned transcribers like us.

Editing is also such a demanding job. It involves correcting and modifying content before it’s been published. You just don’t write, you write and simultaneously develop an opinion on what you are writing. Also so to the reader. At this point, editing comes in. It helps you link your opinion with the reader precisely and at the right moment. A professionally edited book will garner more sales. Your readers will find more comfort reading your edited material. Note, once a reader begins to struggle to get a point on your content, their attention gets frisked away. The cause is due to unedited writings. Your writing funnel gets indented. Since we are among the best writing service providers, we will help you eliminate such mishaps.

More about us

In addition to providing professional content writing services, we train freelancers. Probably you cannot express yourself out loud. We help you express your words in writing. Anyone can write. Just easy. What you feel, your fascinating ideas and your great thoughts can be put down in writing. We offer the following courses at a very favorable cost:

  • Article writing
  • Academic writing
  • Cold pitching and genius ways of getting clients
  • Advanced writing course
  • Basic English courses

Finally, if you are overwhelmed, pressed due to lack of time, finding it difficult to meet deadlines, stop feeling stale but contact us. Our seven-year experience has enabled us to sharpen our writing services in any form you may need your content. We research extensively and understand any niche of your interest, hence delivering quality and timely services.  Also, we use proper grammar, structures, and formats. Additionally, we ensure that our content writing services will help connect, convince and effectively communicate with the prospective audience. Further, any content we provide on your page, regardless of the niche, stands as a definite call to action. Moreover, whereas it is our duty to provide undivided quality services, it also serves us right when you also play your monetary obligation. Our payment method is an upfront of 50% of the total cost on any particular service. Such a measure helps us cushion ourselves against spammers, popular in the World Wide Web. The retained 50% is paid after work is delivered. Our payment mode is through PayPal. So, do not hesitate to get in touch, for that high end performing writing service. Meanwhile, visit our website for more information. To us, information is priceless!