Top 7 Writing Opportunities For Writers

We are living in a digital era where you can make money by working from the coziness of your home. For instance, there is an increasing number of website content writers who prefer writing for money from their home rather than to spend at least 10 hours in an office. We don’t know the reason behind this. Maybe it is due to the love towards composed disclosure rather than up close and personal correspondence. What is going to be tackled in this article is a guide on basic writing for money opportunities for you if you have a passion for content writing.

Academic Writer

Academic writers create different types of papers for various tutorials. They are mostly contacted for academic assignments help, which ranges from simple essays to more complex articles. As an academic writer, you can perform diverse roles depending on your expertise. As a beginner, your main writing for money duties will entail academic writing, editing, and proofreading.  As you advance and become more experienced, your role will shift from simple academic tasks to more complex educational content writing such as thesis, proposals, and dissertation. An advantage of being an academic freelance is that you are free to choose the volume of work you want to do.


In the old time, only creative forces of promotions were called copywriters. But today’s copywriters, alongside advertisements, they engage in content writing online. They create website content for various businesses to enable them standout in the face of stiff competition. As a copywriter, you can earn money by reviewing products since your positive review will increase the number of users for that product. Apart from assessing the product, you can write posts with excellent SEO content ranking for blogs and business handles in social media. Hence, as a copywriter, you can earn by writing for money.

SEO Copywriter

Search engines usually rank blogs, keywords, and website contents depending on their qualities and traffic. For instance, if a SEO content has poor quality, it will be poorly ranked. SEO is just automaton, which behaves according to a set of instructions without the capacity to go past these instructions. If a search engine directs a person who is looking for academic assignment help to a particular website, he will quickly recognize the quality of the SEO content. If the SEO content is inferior, he will leave that website and try another site with a better SEO content rating. Hence the need for SEO copywriters since you will be employed to enter keywords into entertaining and enlightening texts naturally, thereby, improving their qualities and rankings.

Social Network Marketing Specialist

This job is for you if you have an undying interest in following technological news, lifestyle news, and information, and you love web-based life. As a media platform marketing pro, you will be writing for money by creating website content plans, composing posts, reacting to clients’ remarks on business handle posts, upholding the image of the company on the web, and apologizing to clients of the business if something turns out unexpected.  In some instances, you may write blogs while in some other cases, you will be doing advertisements to ensure that the website content you write is highly ranked among SEO contents. All in all, you need to comprehend your intended audience and their needs.

Technical Writers

It is the most troublesome activity for those interested in writing for money and language pros. Here, apart from writing capabilities, you need to have a profound understanding of the area of interest. As a technical freelancer, you depict developments and form instructional exercises for geeks. To be a successful, professional freelancer, you need a decent command of IT and innovation or have a mind-blowing capacity to learn. The most troublesome part of this writing is that a writer must clarify complicated things in simple language. However, the position has a few preferences too since these writers are in high demand, and they have the most astounding reasonable wages.


A blogger is a person who shares his ideas, opinions, experiences, skill, and expresses himself by creating blog posts. As a blogger, you will be publishing articles or blog posts about specific topics to be read by other people. To start blogging, you will need a platform where you will be posting your work. After some time as you consistently stick to your passion, you will build an audience who will be reading your articles hence creating traffic. You will thereby start to earn due to organic traffic.

UX Writers

These scholars write website contents that impact the client’s experience. They are accountable for clarifications for the login names and passwords you enter that ought to contain underscores, numbers, accentuation marks, capital letters, a plot, an end, and interest to fit the wellbeing of the site. UX writing is an ideal decision for you if you need consistent criticism, as the viability of microcopy can be determined when it is transferred to a site. The activity has one drawback if the motivation behind content writing on the web is that you want to carry out your duty alone. A UX author works in close alliance with architects, and for efficient collaboration, there ought to be a proper communication channel.

In summary, there are a variety of online writing jobs which you can pick from. They range from academic assignments help, writing website contents to composing SEO content.  As a writer, there are various writing jobs exposed to you that will enable you to make good cash over a short period, thereby having time and financial freedom. The primary advantage of each position explained here is that you can tackle any of them from wherever you are as long as you have a computer and good internet connection

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