Tips to Find Writing Jobs as a Newbie

Are you tired of your 9-5 job and you are sick of finding another way of earning? If you like writing, then you already have a better way to solve your needs. Freelance writing is a job that can be a source of your income. Making money through writing is an easy task for anybody who is passionate about freelance writing. However, getting started is quite challenging. Below are ways to finding writing careers for beginners.

  • Network with Potential Writing Clients

Reaching out for new friends is an ideal opportunity of getting ways of making money through writing. Do not waste time and resources having fun on social media; use your accounts to make influential friends. Job providers such as business persons in need of copywriters or students who need homework help are also in Social Media. Networking with potential job providers is quite essential in the job seeking process. By interacting, these clients can quickly identify you. Hence, you can land on the best client of your desire.

  1. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching refers to identifying and contacting prospective clients and letting them know how you can be of help. After identifying, draft a cold pitch and send it to them. While cold pitching, you should remember tell the potential clients on how you found them, who you are, and how you can help. For instance, if your prospect is a student looking writers who do homework help, tell him how you can help. However, cold pitching looks scary to most writers as you contact strangers hence, making it less competitive. Therefore, cold pitching is the most fabulous way of finding a writing job.

  • Network with Other Writers

Joining social media groups will enable you to interact with other professional writers. In most cases, professional freelance writers are usually in the stalk of writing clients. Hence, they might refer you to some of them. Nonetheless, these writers can advise you on the best ways to making money through writing.

  • Use your Website

As a beginner, you need to sell your services to as many prospects as possible. With a writer’s website, you do not need to go looking for clients. Instead, they will search for you. However, you have to note that writing website is only useful if you create quality website contents. Website content refers to the post on the website pages. You have to be competent in writing SEO contents. SEO content enhances the visibility of your website on the search engines, hence, increasing traffic to your site. Therefore, with proper skills of writing website contents and SEO contents, you will have higher chances of getting a client of your desire.

  1. Guest Posts

Guest posting refers to posting your SEO contents on other people websites. You have to select top ranking websites that allow guest posting. Pitching quality website contents improves your visibility on these websites. Nonetheless, your SEO content enhances the ranking of the concerned website hence increasing your chances of getting a job. On guest posting, you can add your summary profile indicating your specialization. For instance, if you do homework helps, remember to add that on your profile.

  • Use Job Boards

Using job boards is one of the most convenient ways of finding a writing job for beginners. Job providers seek writers through job board sites hence making it an easy way to land a most suitable client. On those sites, you can get a job of any niche-starting from homework helps jobs to writing websites -in your favor.

  • Sign Up for Newsletters

Unlike many people who hate piling their inboxes with tons of new mails, you should love it. Companies send their newsletters to people who have signed up. In those newsletters, you might get a writing job notification. Hence, signing up for the newsletter from a target company can be a better technique of finding ways of making money through writing.

  • Use Writer Directories

As a new writer, you should market yourself extensively. There are writer’s directories that can significantly assist you in finding ways of making money through writing. You need to post your profile on it and wait for a latent client to identify you. On the profile, remember to specify your niche. For example, if you do homework helps, remember to clarify that.

  • Pitch to Websites that Pay Writers

Did you know you can earn through writing website of other people? Yes, you can. Pitching your SEO contents to sites that pay writers is much beneficial since you do not have to go searching for clients. You market yourself while making money through writing.

  • Referrals from Friends, Family members, and Previous Clients

People around you can be your first client. Your former employer may need an SEO content writer, or your friend may need a writer who does homework helps. Nonetheless, a family member might know about your skills on making money through writing. Therefore, it is firmly advisable to let the people around you know you do freelance writing. 

In conclusion, the writing industry is complex. Hence, finding a job is an easy task with proper skills. You need to use the right approach to finding your favorite writing job. Always remember to portray your best writing techniques while marketing your service.

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