Now You Can Easily Find Writing Jobs as a Novice

Deciding on making money through writing is easy. The challenge, however, which applies to both website content and homework help jobs is haunting for gigs. What makes the difference between the workload of various freelancers is what one is willing to do to hunt for jobs.  It is the question of whether one is going to relax and wait for clients to call or if they were going to pull up their socks and haunt for customers. Here are ten strategies you can apply to find Writing Jobs as a Beginner.

Freelancing sites

Millions of writing websites are available on the internet, offering both homework help and writing websites jobs. It is quite easy as each employer gives their expectations on each assignment, especially those with homework help that needs review by the instructor. Though many of the sites are full of competition, they are flooded with potential clients. To succeed in this area, find a site, perfect your skills, be persistent, and enjoy making money through writing.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one main tool one can use for making money through writing. There are many freelancing jobs on LinkedIn that many people tend to miss out on, especially website contents ones. If you have an account with LinkedIn, search for freelancing jobs, and look for clients. To find jobs that are related to your field, type the keywords, filter the results in the content box. Sort out the content based on the most recent one then starts the work.

Use your website

Every SEO content writer needs an online presence. One of the ways this can happen is by starting a website. It takes some time for one to get clients. However, once the site has picked up, they don’t need to invite guests, they automatically visit your website. Follow SEO content rules to increase traffic. Ensure your site has a professional look as well.

Ask Friends and Family

This is one method of getting clients that people don’t pay attention to but very effective. It makes making money by writing quite easy. These people link you to your clients and market your skills to them. It is key to let your family members and friends know that you do writing website content and homework help.

Facebook groups

There are numerous business Facebook groups available that you can join. These groups are good as they have people who post various writing jobs. They also advise people on the various sites that offer jobs and warn people on various ways to avoid being conned. Others have people who offer training on writing quality SEO content that makes your making money through writing experience easier.

Follow Tweets

The tweeter is the leading site for making money through writing. Why? This is because most people who need jobs related to writing websites and SEO content need it done within short periods. It is important to know how to search for jobs on Twitter effectively. One should be specific in their search to avoid being too broad. This helps in getting specific results. If the job needs to be done urgently, contact the person posting directly.

Cold pitching

This is reaching to the client directly.  It is where one reaches directly to companies, bloggers, and organization. One needs to spot the company they want to cold pitch. After this, they draft a letter and send it. In the cold pitching, include, how you got to find out about the company, the skills you have, and the help you shall be providing. This may seem hard, especially for people on making money through writing, but this technique works out wonders.


Whether you want to focus on SEO content or homework help, know that you are not alone in the field. It is key to do networking with other freelancers. This helps as they market you and recommend you to clients. When they have a heavy workload, they may also forward you some of the work. They may also act as advisers in your journey of making money through writing.

Warm Pitching

Did you know that warm pitching can be used to acquire clients?  Unlike cold pitching, which is directly reaching out to your client, warm pitching is indirect. This method is slow compared to cold pitching but effective. Here once you spot a potential client, you become friends with them on social media, like their posts, and with time, they tend to notice you. You could indirectly let them know your skills through their posts; for example,” I am an experienced SEO content writer.”

Job Adverts

In the 21st century, almost everyone has access to social media. As a freelancer, one needs to be friends with social media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. In these platforms, one is likely to see adverts and apply. One needs to be keen on the advertisements and be fast to apply as most jobs are on temporal bases.

In conclusion, though making money through writing is real, it requires consistency and hard work. This applies especially to beginners. Whether you are a writer that deals in academic writing or SEO content, follow the above tips, and you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

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