Here Are Seven Writing Jobs for Writers That One Can Choose From

Every student in the university has a plan for their life: work hard, graduate with good grades then secure a good job with a prestigious organization. For most of them, however, their lives take a diversion from this. After graduating, they go to the city to hunt for a job where it is believed that the pasture is greener. The chances of employment there are low hence many give up after some time and venture into self-employment. It is in the process of appreciating self-employment; many youths’ focus has shifted to content writing. For others, writing for money is actually the primary source of income.  Here are seven writing jobs that one can choose from:

Content writing

Content writing involves the creation of website content. Website content is what most people go through before deciding on whether to buying your services or product. It involves coming up with material for eBooks, podcasts, brochures, flyers, graphics, and newsletters. Mastering of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is key for one to produce quality work. Most content writing employers prefer writers with a degree in English or communication. A content writer needs to be keen on the use of different styles, be original in their work, and be creative.

Academic/Scholarly Writing

This mostly involves providing the client with academic assignments help in specific fields. It is writing done to fulfil college or university requirements. It can also be done for publications after assessment by the supervisors. It is clear, concise, structured, and focused. It is simple and consists of short and simple sentences. It requires one to know the various convention and vocabularies in the given area. It is writing for money where one needs knowledge of the topic. It could be, for example, computers, science or language depending on the academic assignments help required by the employer.

Technical writer

Another writing for money that’s currently in demand is technical writing. It explains the way a product works in detail. It focuses on a certain subject and requires direction, instructions, creativity, and explanations. Simple language ought to be used in this website content, and it should be straightforward. One may be hired to write blog posts that can either be tangible or non-tangible or in academic assignments help. For one to succeed in this writing for money, they need use an impersonal style. It is key to do research and ensure they have enough details on the topic as well and pay attention to SEO content regulations.


This is website content done for marketing. It is also helpful for promotional purposes. It involves the creation of billboards, brochures, magazines, and even catalogs. This website content writing can be done without any experience. There are various kinds of copywriters ranging from an agency, corporate, and freelance copywriters. To succeed in this area, one should be realistic, don’t oversell yourself, specialize, and have realistic expectations.


Blogging is a very easy and cheap method of communication. It is a form of communication that is rarely understood. It involves writing blog posts. It is a form of writing that is quite flexible as one can become a writer for someone or open a blog site for themselves. It requires one to be specific on the area they want to focus on especially if it is academic assignments help. This is to ensure consistency and to capture a certain kind of audience. A blogger needs to be keen to ensure that they follow the guidelines for SEO content to ensure high traffic on their blog posts.

SEO content writers

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making a website easier to find through engines like google. Quality SEO content is required by every writer, especially those writing website contents that need searching. Some examples of SEO content include product pages, articles, lists, guides, videos, glossaries, and blog posts. Production of quality SEO content is a process that requires a lot of keenness. It also requires one to understand the kind of audience they are targeting. This helps you to understand the type of visitors you expect to visit your site. In SEO content, pay attention to keyword search, keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion.

UX Writer

This kind of writing may sound complicated due to the name but is not the case. It is a craft that involves coming up with words that people encounter when they open certain software. It is simply developing interaction between a product and a user. It is like other kinds of writing as it is precise, consistent, clear, and pays attention to the user. It’s a form of writing for money that exists in software companies and agencies.

In conclusion, writing is a big field; hence, one should not be limited to one kind. The more the variety one is involved in, the greater the pay as the workload will increase. Writing for money is something that needs to be encouraged, especially among young people.

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