10 Easiest Ways to Find Online Writing Jobs as a Beginner

Are you a freelancer who has just finished training? Are you interested in making money through writing? Are you curious about landing a better paying job by writing website content, SEO content, providing homework help, or just writing websites? I am sure you are, that’s why you are reading this. I have come across ten best ways a beginner can secure writing jobs. Below is a brief description of each.

Contacting Your Potential Clients Directly

By cold pitching, you will stand a chance of getting a job and also you will face less competition since you will be reaching potential customers directly. As a beginner, you can contact companies, business entities, and bloggers and inform them how your contents will benefit them. You ought to notify them who you are, how you found out about them, and how helpful you can be to them. If you land the job, you will be making money through writing.

Ask Confidantes, Family, and Coworkers

It is always morally right to brief people who are in your inner circle the steps you have taken. You might find it awkward, but you never know what fate has in store for you. Maybe your first client lies within your close associates. You should, therefore, ask them if they have some scribbling jobs for you. They might require homework help, or you can write website content for their sites.

Network With Other Writers

As a beginner, it is always recommended to consult with other freelancers. I have no doubt that there are some on top of ladder writers whom you are looking up to. It is now your time to get out of your comfort zone and have a talk with them. Ask them on how they landed their first customers and consult them about ratings. You might look at them as competitors, but they may turn out to be a great asset to you since they may connect you with some of their clients when their schedule gets tight.

Impress Your Clients

As long as you are making money through writing, it is recommended to write an article or a website content which has a high SEO content. It will cause organic traffic to your customer’s website hence making him earn good cash. By this, you will impress your customer, and he will be granting you jobs for a writing website.

Request for Referrals

If you have been composing articles with good SEO contents, guaranteed homework help, and exciting website content, your customers will make sure you continue making money through writing by referring you to their friends. If you haven’t been entrusted yet, you should always feel free to ask them if they can send some of their colleagues to you. Your quality contents will be selling you out instead of begging people for jobs. The key secret to getting references is to guarantee clients high-quality writing website work.

Create a Webpage

We are living in a digital world where people sell their skills on sites. As a beginner, you can create a webpage or blog where you will be posting samples of your work. Always indicate that you are for hire. By doing this, individuals who are impressed by your competency will be able to contact and hire you; hence, you will be making money through writing.

Guest Post

I understand you might be wondering why you should post for free. Oh yes, it is worth it no matter how long it will take to bear fruits, but at the end of it, it will bear fruits. You can be writing websites, SEO contents, or homework help for free before landing your first deal. People may be overwhelmed with your outstanding writing skills and decide to hire you; thereby, you’ll be making money through writing.

Placement Board Ads

It will be a recommendable job if you keep responding to job ads. By responding to ads, you will get the courage to tackle any challenge. Don’t mind if they will reply to your post or not. There are two types of job ads, free job ad, and paid job ad. As a beginner, you can pitch on the open job ads by doing assignments to people who need homework help or by composing SEO contents, thus making money through writing.

Follow Tweets On Job Panels

Some job boards do post job opportunities by tweets. It is always recommended to keep an eye on those boards to increase your possibilities of securing a job. For instance, you might come across a tweet looking for a scribbler who is experienced in creating top rated SEO content or homework help. This way, you will land some good job.

Join Facebook Groups

You can search for online writing jobs on Facebook and join the corresponding pages. In these groups, you will come across various entrepreneur jobs and also scribbling ones. If you can compose high rating SEO contents, you will stand a better chance of getting jobs from facebook groups since many people use this site to hire writers. You can get clients who will be contacting you if they have a job.

To sum up, there are various ways in our vicinity to get scribbling jobs. To have a steady flow of errands, you should regularly impress your audience by what you post. Are you prepared to make an effort and follow your passion? This article will be of great help to you if you are interested in high-quality freelancing gigs.

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